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I've kinda switched over to wordpress, so I don't know what I might post here. I'm never going to delete, seeing as it has years of information, though the last few have been pretty empty.

Anyway, I'm here now.

writing is hard

So, I've been browsing the web looking at my old websites. I started this LJ in 2003, which is really kinda old, until I remembered, and sort of found my old GEOCITIES webpage.


Aug. 1st, 2013

I still don't really seem to spend any time here - g+, wordpress, & tumblr stole my brainz.

wow, talk about a sabbatical

finally decided to stop in on livejournal, at which point I realized just how long it's been since I was here!

which is crazily long, given how much I need to talk about sh!t in my life. must be repressing again.

tick tock

Time's growing short before nano, and I still haven't finished my outline. I think it's the usual low-self esteem crap, so I'll just have to smack my inner procrastinator with a mallet and get my  butt in gear!

The CDs I put on hold through the library have all arrived; now my nano soundtrack is much closer to completion. Given the vaguely Tarantino feel of my story, I started with Resevoir Dogs, moved on to Pulp Fiction, and (DAM) just realized I should have gotten the Kill Bill soundtracks as well...

Um, okay, no more dodging the outline, time to stop posting here, and start typing there...


Right after I finish playing my FB games...


nanowrimo countdown begins!

plot outline found? check

laptop found & sig banner created? check

time spent in the Spork Room? double check!

It's October, and the time for getting ready for nanowrimo has begun. I've (mostly) decided on a plot, found the outline I put together over a year ago (oh, the joy of cryptic statements I *used* to get), put together a sig banner, and have spent far too much time on the nanowrimo forums.

I still seriously recommend that if you're having worries about your nano, visit the Spork Room thread in the Nano Ate my Soul forum. It's fun, great support, and very addictive. The only downside is the incredibly high volume of posts!


Odd thoughts on dating self-help books

When I open up my browser, my iGoogle page has the XKCD comic on it. I didn't get the joke initially, so I googled 'The Rules' and 'The Game'.

Read more...Collapse )I just don't get it.

And dam it, I just realized I left my nano outline at work...


Flames to dust

I've started doing the character creation, which has gotten confusing, since I'll start off writing about one character from Story A and find myself ten minutes later writing about a character from Story B!  Lot of cut & pasting going on...

I've also found the soundtrack for the character I was chewing on. I'd thought it would also be pop punk, like the music for the love interest, but that didn't pan out (though I did develop an appreaciation for Lillix.)  Instead, while I was at work and trying to find the right accuradio station, I found myself listening to latin rock, and two songs in a row, I heard songs I knew in English, which were surreal and almost disorientating to hear in Spanish (that sense of almost, but not quite, understanding.) The emotional response was totally appropriate for my MC!

And that led me to Nelly Furtado, specifically her Folklore, Loose, & Mi Plan albums.


Baby steps

Reading lj posts by writers plus finally reading Flirt by LKH made me take another long look at why I haven't been writing. Being the kind of person I am, I'll now list the realizations I've had.

1. I'm still letting my fears keep me back. Procrastination is a form of protecting myself from risk; I need to get through it. Again.

2. The afterword in Flirt reminded me of the importance of music as inspiration. I'd already been thinking about how one character in my current story (it counts as current even if I haven't done more than half an outline, right?) suited the entire Masterpiece Theater album by Marianas Trench.

3. I realized I had no soundtrack for the main character. Which made me realize that...
4.I had no real grasp of the MC's personality. And really, how can you write about someone so nebulous? What's their motivation?

5. I realized that few of my MCs ever have well-developed personalities. Hideous epiphany. Beyond loosely basing them on myself (and asking myself, 'what would I do here?'), they had no individual personality. And while I could reassure myself that if I were writing cheap romances, identical characters between books are okay, I'm not writing cookie-cutter romances. I'm not even writing regular romances. All of which doesn't even address that primary issue of never having created a full character in the first place. Very embarrassing.

6. Which leads me to this; has this failure to create a full & rich MC this been the biggest cause of my failure to finish a novel outside of NaNoWriMo? When the MC has no real focus, then how can the story have one?

So, I surfed around and found some character creation questions, which I will have to gird myself up to answer over the next few days, and hope I come out the other end with a functional, fun & write-able main character!

Oh, and I've started 'auditioning' various albums to see if I can get a feel for this MC, and finally give her a dammed soundtrack!


So, I didn't get the job; they went with someone with tonnes of experience.

I just have to keep telling myself I'm going to get a great, full-time job soon, and really believe it. Sigh. Obviously, it's a little tough to do.

Oh, and an earwig snuck into the newspaper, which I didn't notice till I picked the thing up from the couch to put it in the recycling, when the little b*st*rd made a beeline for the crack between the cushions and disappeared!

Why me?

So I had my oracle cards done, and apparently, they're trying to wake me up, force me to keep passionate and alive.  I have to say, knowing there's an earwig somewhere in the couch and could pinch me at any moment sure has me 'awake.'